How Non Woven Bags and Paper Bags are Eco-Friendly?

Be it carry bags or otherwise, with the escalating concerns for the rapidly deteriorating environment, it has become almost our responsibility to switch over to more eco friendly life styles. One way that we can do so is by using more eco friendly products. Given the environmental hazards that the huge use of plastic bags cause there is no doubt that you could help in preventing this by using the very eco friendly non woven bags and plastic bags. You would be aware that paper bags are environmentally friendly, so let us first try and understand what non woven bags are.

Non Woven bags: What are they?

According to Wikipedia Non-woven fabrics could broadly be defined as sheet or web structures bonded together by entangling fiber or filaments and also by perforating films. This is done mechanically, thermally or chemically. These types of fabrics are greatly being used in the manufacture of bags owing to their eco friendly properties. Let us now understand why non woven bags and paper bags are considered very environmentally friendly.

Why they are environmentally friendly?

It is now a fairly established fact that both paper bags as well non woven bags are very eco friendly. There are plenty of reasons for the same as well.

They are recyclable

The first reason why non woven bags and paper bags are environmentally friendly is the fact that they are made from recycled materials. The percentage of such fabric of course varies depending on the strength needed. However since they are recyclable means that they cause little or no pollution and thus is great for our environment. You would know that a large number of both paper bags manufacturers as well as non woven bags manufacturer have come up in recent times. So it must be your endeavor to support them so that we could move towards a better environment.

The manufacturing process helps conserve natural resources

The manufacturing process of manufacturing paper bags and non woven bags is simple and is made from resources which are readily available and help to preserve both the natural resources as well as energy. All in all the paper bag manufacturers in China claims that it will cause less or little pollution which is very helpful to preserve our environment.

Use helps to cut down on toxic wastes

Since paper bags and non woven bags are eco friendly they leave no toxic wastes which are very harmful for our environment as a whole. Global warming, air and water pollution are just someof the adverse impacts that plastic bag production and usagecauses. Plastics you must realize are not bio-degradable & are not only choking our environment & but also irreparably damaging the sea & marine life. Thus Reusable paper and non woven bags are the best alternative to save our ailing environment.
In conclusion we can indeed see that there is much need to protect our environment. Replacing the use of plastic bags with paper and non woven bags can be the best solution for the same.

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