Italian luxury brand Valentino has launched a new eco-friendly packaging

Italian luxury brand Valentino recently launched a new generation of product packaging, in the brand’s sustainable development path took an essential step.

eco-friendly packaging

The new white paper shopping bag has a embossed logo and a red interior. It is made of 55% recycled paper, 40% of which comes from waste generated after consumption and 15% from waste generated during the manufacturing process.

The boxes and wrapping paper are made from sustainably managed forests, and the accompanying cards are made from 75 per cent bamboo fiber and 25 per cent cotton. The front of the tag is made of the same ingredients as the blessing card, while the back of the tag is made of 55% recycled paper.

On the other hand, duffel bags and garment covers are made entirely of recycled cotton, but Valentino retains the tiny imperfections that are typical of recycled fabrics, reflecting the brand’s emphasis on authenticity.

Alentino’s concept of sustainability has been integrated into every detail of its packaging, including three different sizes of white decorative ribbons made from 100% recyclable materials.

eco-friendly packaging

In keeping with the brand’s commitment to sustainability, a new generation of packaging has introduced new color changes to the brand logo printed on its surface, “Valentino” with a warmer, more vibrant red.

From November this year, the new generation of packaging has been used in the brand’s major stores and e-commerce, the last generation of packaging surplus inventory will be used to meet the company’s internal demand, to ensure a smooth and effective transition between the old and new packaging.

Valentino is the latest luxury brand to enter the secondhand market with its own resale, Valentino Vintage, launched in October.

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