Recently, this question has shot towards the top of our most commonly asked questions list. Whether or not you know when you are going to be wearing your gown, we’ve got everything you need to consider when trying to decide how to store your bridal gown:


  • Short-term storage: Gowns can be safely stored up to 18 months in a breathable fabric or mesh gown bag (Ellie’s Bridal Boutique garment bags are safe!). Plastic bags are generally not recommended, but are safer for fabrics in dryer climates. However, contact with plastic also has the potential to turn beads yellow.

  • Longer-term storage: If you can, lay the gown flat in the bag or fold it gently in half to lay flat so the wight of the gown does not alter its shape or structure over time.

  • Long-term storage: If the gown is going to be stored longer than 3 years, a preservation chest is the best option.


  • Be sure the gown is supported on a strong hanger using the hanger loops inside the gown bodice, not by the shoulders or straps alone so the fabric and seams are not stressed and stretched.

  • If you do not have hanging space or will store for over a year, the gown could also be stored in the garment bag, folded once or twice and placed on a shelf or under a bed. If you have a large enough box, folding your gown in a similar fashion and storing flat is also a great option.


  • No extremes in temperature or humidity – gowns like the same environment that we do!

  • In all honestly, heat probably won’t hurt them, but extreme humidity could cause some issues with some fabrics if they retain moisture.

  • If you don’t have a reliably dry place to store your gown, consider purchasing and running a small dehumidifier to keep your gown safe from moisture.

  • A breathable gown bag will also help block the humidity from reaching the gowns.


  • Avoid direct sunlight as this could cause sun damage (discoloration) to the gown fabric. It’s like your gown having uneven tan lines across it, except that doesn’t fade after a few weeks! This shouldn’t be an issue since your gown is already in a garment bag or box, right?


  • Your gown has been altered, pressed, and is ready for the wedding. Once you get to your wedding venue, see if you are able to find a space to take your gown out of the garment bag, hang high, and let your train hang down freely. This will prevent any additional wrinkles forming on your train and will hopefully release.

  • You may use a small hand steamer to remove any last minute wrinkles, but do not use steamer directly on outside of gown. Lift the top layer of the skirt and steam from inside the gown.

  • If you do not have a handheld steamer, you can also hang your gown high in the bathroom and run a hot shower to mimic steam pressing. Keep your gown away from direct water and do not try this with a silk gown.

If all of this sounds overwhelming to you, the most important part to remember is keep your gown in a dry place and out of direct sunlight. You will undoubtedly look beautiful in your gown 🙂

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