What is a garment bag

Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure, there comes a time when you need to carry a few suits in your luggage. You may be traveling to another country to attend a destination wedding, or need to make an appearance at an important conference. Or, this may apply to you constantly if travel is a function of your work.

Regardless of the nature of your travel, you have to look your best in your custom suit. And putting your best foot forward is way easier with the use of a solid garment bag.

What is a garment bag?

A garment bag is a handy accessory for frequent flyers. The item is a soft-sided piece of luggage, which is designed to carry garments that are usually kept on a hanger. When you don’t want to fold your suit and shuffle it into your suitcase or duffel bage, a garment bag quickly becomes a lifesaver.

A garment bag is how style icons always look great, no matter how often they travel. Whether you spot them at the airport or at an event, they’re always in sleek and smooth outfits.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t look great, even if you’re traveling extensively. There are hundreds of garment bags that come in various sizes, shapes, and specs to cater to the needs of frequent travelers. You should buy the garment bag that fits your lifestyle and traveling needs.

Here are a few tips to help you buy the best garment bag. When you invest in the right bag, you never end up wearing wrinkled or disheveled clothes.

Is there a difference between a garment bag and a travel bag?

A new custom suit should always come with a garment bag. These supplied garment bags serve as a way to carry your suit from the tailor to your home, and for storage in your closet. They should be breathable (to keep your custom suit from getting musty) with a clear front so you can see its contents easily in a closet.

Every custom suit comes with a complimentary branded garment bag. It has a clear plastic front and is extremely breathable, keeping your clothes safe and fresh. To give you an extra layer of protection, we include a block of cedar in each bag that prevents moths and other insects from attacking your clothes.

These types of garment bags are perfect for home use. However, when you need to take your custom suits on the road, it’s time to invest in a quality travel-ready garment bag.

What to look for in a garment bag

Here are a few things to look for when choosing a garment bag for travel.


Always choose a bag that is comfortable and easy to handle, since you need to carry it wherever you go. Although most garment bags come with shoulder straps, some travelers prefer using a bag that features a handle because they don’t like a bag that drapes over their body. While both types are designed to keep your suits wrinkle-free, you should choose a design that is comfortable for you to carry.


It always pays off to invest in a garment bag that features a separate pocket for shoes. In fact, many bags have room for two pairs of shoes.

Travelers know that shoes take up a lot of space in a weekender. It’s best to store them in a garment bag that has a separate section to carry your shoes. The best part is your shoes will not bend or crease in a garment bag.


Since you are likely to carry your weekender and garment bag at the same time, choose something that matches your weekender. They’ll look great together, giving you an extra touch of class while you’re traveling.


Choose a garment bag that features a low-profile hanging loop. This feature lets you hang the bag easily in your closet, the hotel room, or your bathroom. Most of today’s popular garment bags feature hanging loops because some handles are too big to hang on small hooks.

Also, look for a zipper that eases your packing job. Many travelers like using a bag that comes with a diagonal zipper. This is a great feature for packing your clothes easily.


It’s also a great idea to choose a garment bag that features easily accessible external pockets to store personal belongings when the bag is folded up. It’s a great idea to have pockets that can be easily accessed when you’re using it as your carry-on so you can store things like headphones, car keys, wallet, and boarding pass.


Never settle for a garment bag that is produced out of cheap quality materials. Poor-quality material can cause your bag to bend or crease, and, naturally, that defies the reason you use a garment bag. Always pay close attention to the material of your desired garment bag. Choose a product that utilizes a thick material so that it doesn’t crease even when you fold the bag.

Benefits of a quality garment bag

Buying a garment bag gives you peace of mind and guarantees a hassle-free traveling experience. Here are a few notable benefits.

  • The garment bag is a must-have accessory for all leisure and business travelers who need to travel frequently. The bag is also valuable to anyone who doesn’t want to look for the nearest ironing board soon after arriving at his or her destination.
  • Heat, moisture, and other external elements can ruin the shine and luster of your suit. Thanks to a garment bag, you can protect your delicate fabrics and expensive suits from any damage.
  • These bags also come in handy when you’re moving. Invest in a few durable garment bags to relieve stress. If you don’t want to fold your custom suits into your suitcase, use garment bags to keep your jackets, shirts, and pants clean and organized until you reach your destination.
  • Most airplanes allow travelers to hang their dresses and suits in a special compartment. If you’re travelling for a special occasion or a wedding, using a garment bag is a great option to reduce your luggage.

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