Paper bag vs plastic bag

Non-renewable resources are exhausted

There are several reasons why non-renewable resources like plastic bags can cause problems:

  • Non-renewable resources (like oil and coal) are limited in their supply–once they are used up, there is no way to replenish them.
  • There are no alternative resources for non-renewable resources.
  • Non-renewable resources require high costs to get the resource from its natural location.

Since plastic bags use fossil fuels as a raw material, they are considered a non-renewable resource. As such, the production of these plastic bags has many negative effects on the environment. Not only does it waste our already limited resources (oil), but it also pollutes the planet with excess carbon dioxide emissions and litter that may take hundreds of years to break down into safe microplastics. Since plastic bags cannot be recycled easily, they end up in landfills where they will stay forever unless someone burns them (which releases toxic fumes into the atmosphere).

Plastic bag is not recyclable

Plastic is not biodegradable. It can take thousands of years before plastic bags turn into “microplastics” through the process of photo-oxidation or exposure to heat and chemicals. This means that they may break down into smaller pieces, but never fully decompose.

Plastic bags are too lightweight to recycle. They get caught in the machinery at recycling centers, which slows down production and causes costs to increase at the processing facility. A majority of plastic bags end up in landfills, where they consume space for an indeterminate amount of time. Some plastics may take up to 500 years to decompose!

Because plastic bags cannot be recycled, they are not sustainable; however, there are many sustainable steps that you can take towards reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the environment from pollution!

Polluting the environment and destroying the ecology

The excessive use of plastic bags is a primary cause for concern, as these bags are not biodegradable. This means that the plastic does not decompose naturally and instead remains in the ecosystem for hundreds of years. Plastic is composed of various toxic chemicals and has the potential to cause great harm to both animals and humans.

Plastic bags decompose at an extremely slow rate, which causes them to accumulate inside landfills. As a result, they can block drainage systems, clog rivers and streams, etc., which disrupts water flow and also leads to flooding. This can destroy the ecology of an area as habitats are destroyed by the flooded waters or due to resulting soil erosion.

plastic bags can’t be recycled,so the environmental protection department call for everyone to use paper bags.

The plastic bags are not easily recycled,so the environmental protection department call for everyone to use paper bags.

As we all know, the plastic bags are not easily recycled.So when we go shopping,we should bring a paper bag or buy a paper bag on the market.Paper bags play an important role in our life.

Paper bags are an environmental product,it is widely used in many fields,such as supermarkets and so on.

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