Custom Garment Packaging Bags

Custom Garment Packaging Bags

The garment bag is one of the most important packaging items today. Garments are most sensitive to wear and tear during transportation so a good garment bag will provide protection to your products. Clothes haulers can prevent dry cleaning stains, minimize creases, and increase life of garments. Customized bags not only satisfy customers but also help you a lot from marketing perspective. With the use of sustainable material, we can decrease the environmental impact.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly suitable for various occasions. Custom Garment Packaging Bags is durable, affordable and made to last. Put your logo on the bag to start a new promotion. Order today!

At Custom Garment Packaging Bag, we provide you with the ideal packaging solution for your garments whether it be bespoke, made to measure or sized. What’s more, unlike other garment bags manufacturers which use low grade, low quality plastics and vinyls, we only ever use premium high-density polyethylene. We don’t compromise on the quality of our custom garment bags at all.

Whether your customers are buying a t-shirt, polo shirt, or of even high-end dresses made from the finest materials, they’ll want their garments to arrive in good condition. To make sure this happens, you need custom garment packaging bags to spare on transport damage or loss of quality.

In the wake of environmental concerns, consumers across the world have become conscientious about sustainable packaging. They demand custom garment bags that are reusable and recyclable. At – one of China’s leading custom garment bags suppliers, we understand this concern and have thus worked with our manufacturer to create sustainable packaging that surpasses any other that you might find in the market today.

Custom Garment Bags

Garment bags protect your designer and custom clothes in plush, luxurious style. Embroider, spot print or silk-screen your logo on unique garment bags. All garment bags are customizable – you can choose material and add features like grommets, pockets, carry handles and contrasting stitching.

There are so many things that separate Custom Garment Bags from their non-customized counterparts. Consistency and quality are some of the most important, but exclusivity and brand recognition should also be considered. As a fashion brand or wholesaler, image is everything, and ensuring your display bags match the reputation you wish to achieve is super important.

Non-Woven Luxury Garment Bag

Heavier materials, color matches, as well as special features such as pockets, grommets & snaps and carry handles – Showcase your iconic style.

Non-Woven Standard Garment Bag

Protect and keep your suits, dresses, and coats looking their best with these zippered non-woven garment bags.

Non-Woven Gown Bag

Need to fit that “larger than life” wedding dress or protect luxurious evening gowns in style, we have many suitable options for you.

PEVA Garment Bag

Still a favorite with many customers – these durable and weather proof garment bags are available in many colours and can be customized to your specifications.

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